Let’s see deep dive a bit into Cassandra and know why is this used a lot with the keyword “Big Data” a lot.

Relational databases are the most commonly used databases. They work well with applications designed for a wide range of business operations. Some of the popular ones are MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.

But some applications have requirements such as writing large volumes of data quickly while others require extremely fast response time and with that, they require high availability.


A comparative analysis of two data processing engines, Hadoop and Spark

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What is Spark?

Yes, you have a problem and you have already taken the most important step in order to solve it, it’s to accept “Yes, I have a problem”. Based on (a true story)a lot of conversations I had in the past with a lot of people, I came out with something that might help here!

Let’s crib about it!

People nowadays are more stressed out than before and this is pretty normal, earlier there was nothing much to think about, life was not that complex but now life is complex or let’s take it this way, we have made it complex…

Though I’m still working towards; what I call “Now I have achieved what I thought”, the time when I can say “This is done, let’s plan where to go from here now”. Let’s try to solve this problem of “Life”.

Problem Statement

You are given a matrix and you have multiple goals to achieve one after the other, for simplicity you can start with one but you know one should not get satisfied too early and keep on planning to achieve one goal after the another, this is the fun part, right. …

As Data drives business we need Data lake to collect data and get advantage from it. In this story, we will cover all the insights about the data lake and know it in a better way.

Source: https://aws.amazon.com/big-data/datalakes-and-analytics/what-is-a-data-lake/

Having intelligent services and microservice architecture, a system produces millions of bytes of data per second but if we don’t use them to drive our business and get useful insights that help us to make crucial decisions it’s just garbage for us. So here comes Data lakes into the picture.

Before going let’s see what type of data we have!

What are the types of Data?

This story will answer most of the questions that come to your mind while thinking of how to build a platform that can help you deploy your AI model overproduction or what all we need to look into a platform for the same.


Kunal Saini

Machine Learning Engineer at Expedia Group || Explore System Design and Architectures || Bachelors in Computers from IIITD

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